May 5, 2009 - Beginning at 9:00 A.M.


NOTE: The County Planning Commission meeting is held in the Hearing Room located on the Second Floor of the Pikes Peak Regional Development Center at
2880 International Circle, Colorado Springs, Colorado
If you need further information, please contact the Development Services Department at

The Development Services Department Comment Agenda and any Supplemental Packets are automatically incorporated as part of the record unless specific objections are raised at the meeting. The recording is the official record of the proceedings.

NOTES: Any materials used in support of or opposition to a project must be submitted to the Clerk and left as part of the record.

1. Consent Items

A. Minutes of the Regular Meeting held April 7, 2009 and April 21, 2009

Regular Item

2. MP-09-001 Cartmell
Haegler Ranch Drainage Basin Planning Study
Master Plan

Request by the Department of Public Services, Transportation Division and URS Corporation for adoption of the Haegler Ranch Drainage Basin Planning Study (DBPS) as an amendment to and component of the El Paso County Master Plan. The basin originates northeast of Falcon, and drains southeast nearly to Ellicott. It encompasses 16.6 square miles. (Schedule No’s Multiple) (MP-09-001) (Cartmell).

3. Gebhart
Land Development Code Revisions
It is requested that this work session be postponed until May 19, 2009

NOTE: For information regarding the Agenda item the Planning Commission is considering, call the Development Services Department for information (520-6300). Visit our Web site - www.elpasoco.com to view the agenda and other information about El Paso County. Results of the action taken by the Planning Commission will be published following the meeting.

(The name to the right of the title indicates the Project Manager/ Planner processing the request.) If the meeting goes beyond noon, the Planning Commission may take a lunch break.