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DISCLAIMER: (Nov. 2000)
Please be advised that this information is for reference purposes and is deemed unofficial. The zoning information contained herein is subject to constant change and therefore, accuracy and completeness of the information cannot be guaranteed. El Paso County assumes no liability whatsoever for the use of its zoning information by any entity, individual or business. Persons relying on this information do so at their own risk. The County retains all defenses available to it through the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act or as otherwise provided by law. If questions, call El Paso County Development Services Dept. (719) 520-6300.

County Zoning for parcel 5408301002 is RS-5000 CAD-O
A-5 -  Agricultural
A-35 -  Agricultural
F-5 -  Forestry and Recreation
RR-0.5 -  Residential Rural
RR-2.5 -  Residential Rural
RR-5 -  Residential Rural
RS-20000 -  Residential Suburban
RS-6000 -  Residential Suburban
RS-5000 -  Residential Suburban
RM-12 -  Residential Multi-Dwelling
RM-30 -  Residential Mult-Dwelling
CC -  Commercial Community
CR -  Commercial Regional
CS -  Commercial Service
I-2 -  Limited Industrial
I-3 -  Heavy Industrial
RT -  Residential Topographic
MHP -  Mobile Home Park
MHP-R -  Mobile Home Park Rural
MHS -  Mobile Home Subdivision
RVP -  Recreational Vehicle Park
PUD -  Planned Unit Development
CAD-O -  Commercial Airport District
GA-O -  General Aviation Overlay District
HR-O -  High Rise Overlay District
RLUP-O -  Rural Land Use Plan Overlay District
C-1 -  Commercial (obsolete)
C-2 -  Commercial (obsolete)
M -  Industrial (obsolete)
R-4 -  Planned Development (obsolete)

We have made a good-faith effort to provide you with the most recent and most accurate information available.  However, if you need to use this information in any legal or official venue, you will need to obtain official copies from the Assessor's Office.  Do be aware that this data is subject to change on a daily basis.  If you believe that any of this information is incorrect, please call us at (719)520-6600.