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Executive Director of Public Works:
Jim Reid

Deputy Director:
Scot Cuthbertson

3275 Akers Drive
Colorado Springs, CO


6:30 - 5:00, Monday-Thursday
except holidays

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The Engineering Division is comprised of five groups which are responsible for Engineering Design and Program Management; Contracts and Stormwater Management; Construction Management & Inspection; Surveying; and Traffic Engineering/Transportation Planning.


  • Engineering Design and Program Management Group
    • This group is responsible for engineering designs, plans, and coordination of projects including road rehabilitation, new roadway design, bridge design and rehabilitation, and evaluation and design of various types of drainage structures. The projects typically involve feasibility studies, planning and prioritizing of projects, and design of improvements. The group is also responsible for the Pavement Management Analysis and Bridge Management.
  • Contracts and Stormwater Management
    • The Contracts and Stormwater Management Group provides contract administration for civil engineering design, and capital improvement program road and drainage construction projects. Responsibilities also include implementation of the county’s stormwater management programs, including water quality permitting, to ensure compliance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) regulations, Phase 2. These projects involve extensive coordination with consultants and other county departments as well as federal, state, and local agencies. This group is tasked with planning and prioritizing of department projects, federal aid design and construction projects, public drainage facility improvement planning, and County Drainage Basin Credits and Reimbursement Administration
  • Construction Management and Inspection Group
    • The Construction Management and Inspection group performs construction inspection of utilities and private improvements in the right of way. They also negotiates utility agreements, develop materials specifications, and perform materials inspection/testing. They prepare contracts for material specifications and quantities, prepare construction cost estimates and technical specifications, plan review for local, state and federal projects, provide construction management and inspections of all construction projects relevant to the Department, and monitor and inspect bridges.
  • Surveying Group
    • The Survey group supports work for the department involving Construction and Boundary (Right Of Way) surveys utilizing Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and total station surveying. They obtain necessary rights-of-way, easements, and property owner clearances.
  • Traffic Engineering/Transportation Planning Group
    • This group performs development review relative to traffic issues, they conduct traffic analyses, travel demand forecasting, and strategic planning. They determine the feasibility of road closures, maintain the official county road map, and obtain grants and state aid for projects.

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