Since the mid-seventies, the primary focus of El Paso Countyís comprehensive planning efforts has been on the development and updating of plans for identified sub-areas of the unincorporated County. 
These documents are collectively known as Small-Area Plans (SAPís) and are incorporated as elements into the Countyís Master Plan. They are further identified in Appendix III. 
Issue 1.1 Role of Small - Area Plans 
SAPís have yet to be developed for substantial areas of the County including much of the urban or urbanizing Cooperative Planning Area, as well as the far eastern county. It is also recognized that a number of existing SAPís should be updated. 
Goal 1.1 
Protect and enhance the unique and individual qualities that exist in El Paso County through identifying and articulating SAPís for all unincorporated and urbanizing areas within its boundaries. 
Policy 1.1.1 
The relationship between the County-wide Policy Plan and the SAPís should be one of mutual support and interdependence. 
Policy 1.1.2 
The purpose of the SAPís should be to more specifically articulate proposed land uses and relationships on a sub-regional scale by addressing the unique conditions and circumstances of each defined sub-area in cooperation with the area representatives. 
Policy 1.1.3 
In the event of a possible conflict between the County-wide Policy Plan and a Small Area element, deference should be given to the pertinent SAP with respect to site-specific land use compatibility. The Policy Plan controls with respect to regional land use and infrastructure policy. 
Policy 1.1.4 
Encourage the development of SAPís for sub-areas of the County where plans have not yet been developed. 
Policy 1.1.5 
Specifically encourage the active participation of affected municipalities in the development of new and revised SAPís. 
By their nature, SAPís tend to reflect the collective expectations of existing residents and property owners for their particular areas of the County. By comparison, this Policy Plan is intended to address a balance of overall regional planning issues and needs. Therefore, the intended relationships between this Plan and the SAPís need to be carefully addressed in this document. 
Goal 1.2 
Encourage adherence to and implementation of existing SAPís along with continued development, updating and refinement of SAP elements. 
Policy 1.2.1 
During their development and review, new and updated SAPís and other specific elements of the El Paso County Master Plan should be reviewed for consistency with this County-wide Policy Plan. 
Policy 1.2.2 
The process of preparing new and updated SAPís should involve input from a cross-section of potentially affected residents and property owners, including the owners of currently undeveloped land. 
Policy 1.2.3 
Periodically review existing Small Area Plans to keep them current and prioritize the schedule for preparing new elements and updates.. 
Several factors combine to make effective communication with respect to SAPís a challenge. Of particular concern is the question of how best to facilitate continuing citizen and community input after the SAPís have been prepared and adopted. 
Goal 1.3 
Maximize the value of the Small-Area Planning process through effective communication. 
Policy 1.3.1 
Promote public understanding and use of the SAPís through informational brochures, maps and other public outreach communication techniques. 
Policy 1.3.2 
Ensure that effective communication regarding ongoing land development proposals is maintained between the Planning Division staff and representatives of the planning areas after SAPís are completed. 

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