The County-wide Policy Plan for El Paso County establishes broad goals and policies which are intended to serve as a framework for decision making regarding the development of the County.

It is the intent of the Oversight Committee that the Plan will:

  • Be consistent with and mutually supportive of existing and future Small-Area Plans and topical elements of the County Master Plan.
  • Provide a balance between protection of the environment within the County and the growth which occurs as part of a healthy economy.
  • Balance development, property rights and preservation of natural resources
  • Provide a framework for development patterns specific enough to provide some certainty for cost-effective, long-term planning, yet flexible enough to accommodate changing market conditions.
  • Address growth assumptions through the year 2020.
  • Be fiscally responsible in identifying sources of public funding, addressing short- and long-term costs of development alternatives, and providing for equitable allocation of direct and indirect costs.
  • Be an action-oriented document which prescribes a series of recommendations
  • leading to the implementation of the adopted goals and policies.
  • Include a mechanism for periodic evaluation of the Plan’s effectiveness.
  • Be widely used as a reflection of community goals, perspectives and priorities.
  • Recognize the region’s unique physical features and environment and their contributions to the character of the area.


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