El Paso County - A Guide for the Future

In August of 1994, the Board of County Commissioners appointed us as a committee to update the overall comprehensive plan for the unincorporated areas of our County. Our committee included a cross-section of citizens, government officials, and business people from throughout the County. We met several time each month for over three years to create this framework for our growth and development as we enter the 21st century.

We began by recognizing the fundamental importance of the private market as the essential driver in land use planning. However, we also recognized that the impact of decisions individuals make concerning the land they own often extends beyond their property lines and into an arena where public choices need to be made. It was in this area of public land use policy that we focused most of our attention.

As appointed representatives, we have brought divergent positions to the table and have tried to balance them. Considering where we started, we have been remarkably successful in achieving consensus. Perhaps that should not be surprising. Since rational land planning often transcends political and philosophical differences.

As your appointed representatives and neighbors, we are proud to have worked on your behalf in developing this El Paso County Policy Plan. It is our hope that this plan will assist decision-makers in the many difficult choices which lie ahead.

Our expectations are that we have not only created policies but have also played a significant role in helping establish an overall vision for and image of unincorporated El Paso County as a place we will be proud of throughout the 21st century.


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