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A document the scope and magnitude of the El Paso County-wide Policy Plan does not come together without the committed effort of a hard-working team. Those who have given of themselves for the betterment of El Paso County are listed below. There are several individuals, however, to whom special thanks are due. El Paso County Planning Division, Carl Schueler, Assistant Director and Elizabeth Hacker, Planner II, with great patience and good humor, are responsible for completing initial section drafts and for keeping things on track. Joanne Peterson-Falcone chaired a subcommittee which met weekly for three years and was ultimately responsible for the text that follows. Subcommittee members Ray Basten, Tom Colon, Morris Esmiol, Paul Grogger, Ira Joseph and Don Steger deserve special thanks. Also deserving extra recognition are: Oversight Committee Vice-Chair Richard Chapman; members, Ann Oatman-Gardner and Dale Claussen for their significant efforts to make this a better document. Finally, Jim Steele deserves great credit for editing this Plan. For those who have contributed, but who are not specifically acknowledged, thanks. This Plan could not have been produced without a genuine team effort. 

Les Gruen, Chair 

Oversight Committee 

Board of County Commissioners 
Betty Beedy 
Duncan Bremer, Vice Chair 
Chuck Brown, Chair 
Jeri Howells 
Ed Jones 
Former Commissioner 
Loren Whittemore 
Planning Commission 
Regular Members 
Carl Bebb 
Thomas R. Brown 
Scott Campbell 
Robby Eskanos 
Larry Gilland 
Dean Hilton 
Sara Williams 
Associate Members 
Terry Bernstein 
Joan Hathcock 
William Jambura 
David Liberman 
Mark Ware 
Rudy Woodruff 
Joanne Peterson-Falcone 
Former Planning Commissioners 
Morris Esmiol 
Paul Grogger 
Barbara Smith 
Chad Stevens 
Jim Steele 
Former Planning Staff 
Sally Payne, Planner II 
Rick O’Connor, Assistant Director 
Special Contributors 
P.J. Anderson 
Maureen Araujo 
Buddy Babcock 
Gary Bostrum 
Dan Bunting 
Joseph Gassner 
Mark Gebhart 
Mike Hausman 
Phil Hosmer 
Sue Johnson 
Tom Light 
Stuart Loosley 
Rick O’Connor 
Rob O’Connor 
Tom Orr 
Frank Otoupalik 
Jerry Parsons 
Bill Reimer 
Richard Sabby 
Don Smith 
John Valentine 
Bill Vaupel 
Curt Wells 
Beth Whittier 
Mike Worley 
Planning Division 
Kenneth G. Rowberg, Director 
Carl Schueler, Assistant Director 
Mark Gebhart, Senior Planner 
Elizabeth Hacker, Planner II 
Lauren Light, Planner II 
James Geary, Planner I 
Charlene O’Driscoll, Planner I 
Terry Rorick, Planner I 
Jan Rothmeyer, Planner I 
Steve Vigil, Planner I 
Sharon Yates, Planner I 
Elaine Nelson, Executive Secretary 
Beverly Kersten, Receptionist 
Catherine Sutherland, Research Assistant 
Oversight Committee 
Les Gruen, Chair 
Richard Chapman, Vice Chair 
Ray Basten 
William Beahan 
Jimmie Brewer 
Thomas R. Brown 
Emily Bissell Bull 
Orrin Childers 
Dale Claussen 
Tom Colon 
Joseph Correale 
Morris A. Esmiol 
Larry Gilland 
Paul Grogger 
Ron Harlow 
Ira Joseph 
Ann Oatman-Gardner 
Joanne Peterson-Falcone 
Rick Rhodus 
Barbara Smith 
Dan Tibbetts 
Candice Vought 
Joannne Peterson-Falcone, Chair 
Ray Basten 
Tom Colon 
Morris Esmiol 
Paul Grogger 
Ira Joseph 
Don Steger 
Primary Planning Team 
Carl Schueler, Assistant Director 
Elizabeth Hacker, Planner II 
Steve Vigil, Planner I Graphics 
Internet Conversion 
Elaine Nelson, Executive Secretary 

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